CMS Chronicles: Everything You Need to Know About Cascade CMS 8.8

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By Bradley Wagner — Jan 24, 2018 11:00 AM


Blog banner for Cascade CMS Chronicles series highlighting features in Cascade 8.8

Collaboration is critical to the success of any site or team. We’re dedicated to enhancing Cascade CMS so that managing collaboration easy for all involved.

The latest version of Cascade CMS includes changes to the System Dictionary that makes managing custom words or phrases easy for contributors, site managers, and admins.

How this helps you:

No matter whether you write for sites or manages them, changes to the System Dictionary makes your life easier. Instead of individual users managing custom dictionaries individually, now site managers or administrators can add new words, or lists of prepared words, to system dictionaries.

This is huge for those that use specialized terms or acronyms regularly. Contributors will enjoy not manually adding each new term every time they are used, while managers will appreciate seeing consistent language and spelling.

How to get started:

Managers or administrators can add new words to the System Dictionary. There are three different ways to accomplish this; from the System Dictionary screen, while performing spell checks, or within the WYSIWYG.

Note: only users with applicable permissions can add words to the System Dictionary.

Adding Words on the System Dictionary Screen

  • Click the system menu button > Administration > System Dictionary.
  • Click Add.
  • Enter one or more words in the text area, separating each word with a new line. Words with spaces between them will be separated into multiple words on submit.
  • Alternately, drag and drop a newline-separated, plain-text file containing your words into the text area.
  • Click Submit

Adding Words During Spell Checks

  • Ensure the spelling content check is enabled on your site.
  • After editing an asset, click Check Content & Submit.
  • Click Add next to one or more flagged words.
  • Click Submit 

Adding Words in the WYSIWYG

  • In the WYSIWYG, click Tools > Spellcheck.
  • Misspelled words will be underlined in red.
  • Click the flagged word(s) and select Add to Dictionary.

Teams can also export or copy System Dictionaries with a couple of simple steps.

We’re so excited to share this change as many customers requested it. We can’t wait to hear how this new feature makes collaboration easier for you. In the meantime, tell us how we can help your team create and maintain better sites.

Share your ideas for how we can improve Cascade CMS below or in one of our client community channels.

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