What Data Do I Need to be Prepared for Digital Personalization?

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By Laura Rives — Oct 17, 2019 11:00 AM


Once you know more about your visitors and have personas defined, it’s time to collect data. It’s the cornerstone of any successful digital personalization effort.

Beginner metrics are used most often for personalization. It’s tough to overcome data issues and get more in-depth, so you’re not alone if you struggle here. According to a report published by eMarketer:

  • 40% of marketers are unable to personalize because of inability to link data across disparate technologies.
  • 80% don’t understand customers beyond basic data.
  • 96% face challenges when building a single view of a customer.

But once you increase effort and dollars on personalization, it’s time to challenge yourself and seek advanced information.

Knowing how your most active segments interact with your site forms the framework of your personalization campaign. Once you layer in goals, you’ll know what elements to personalize and what content to offer.

Step One

To start, take a thorough look at your Google Analytics data. This will help you identify least and most popular pages, how visitors arrive on your site, how long they spend consuming content, and much more. Heat map providers like Lucky Orange are also worth exploring.

Step Two

A/B test different versions of your website to find your strongest performing assets such as headlines, articles, menus, buttons, images, and forms. Analyze what visitors are clicking on, what they are viewing, and what they are interested in. And take your time with this—don’t rush and force invalid results.

This will help you build a library of high-performing assets to use in your personalization campaign.

Step Three

This step is optional, but if you’re testing minor tweaks or pages with high traffic, consider multivariate testing where more than one page element is changed.

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