Dec 30
Prepare for the new year with new strategies to improve your content marketing campaigns. In this blog post, we share ten ways to transform your content.

Dec 23
Merry Christmas, happy Hanukkah, joyous Kwanzaa and happy New Year!

Dec 19
Most organizations, including ourselves, are currently in the process of wrapping up 2014 and planning for 2015. In addition to a Strategic Marketing Plan, most of us will need to create our Editorial Calendar for our 2015 content marketing efforts.

Dec 17
The eduStyle Higher-ed Web Awards showcases some of the best college and university websites today. We’re thrilled to see some of our current clients nominated for their impressive efforts in higher education web development!

Dec 11
Content management and content marketing have converged. In this blog post, we highlight 7 trends to look for in 2015.

Dec 09
We would like to announce that Cascade Server 7.12.3 is now available for download! This maintenance release contains speed improvements to access checks, the introduction of a new system health monitoring tool, and resolves long publish times due to external link checking.

Dec 05
One of the biggest themes we noticed while attending Confab Higher Ed 2014, was the need to improve communication channels among staff and various departments on campus when looking to truly improve a university’s content challenges. We knew this would hit close to home for many of our clients, so we wanted to share what we learned.

Dec 03
Content Marketing Institute recently published its 2015 B2C (Business to Consumer) Content Marketing Report. While some results show a continuation of last year’s trends, there are a few surprises. Let’s take a look at some of the key takeaways.

Nov 27
‘Tis the time of year to give thanks! We are beyond thankful for our wonderful clients and love working with all of our customers throughout the year. We're also very grateful for the opportunity to work for such a great company, and enjoy working with our amazing coworkers every day.

Nov 25
As search engines are placing an increased emphasis on the freshness of web content, colleges and universities are faced with the challenge of keeping their pages up to date at all times. Hannon Hill customers are leveraging some of the tools we provide with our products, such as the editorial calendar, the Stale Content Report, and the Content Up for Review Report, to ensure that content creation and updates remain top of mind.

Nov 20
This past week we attended the Confab Higher Ed conference, so let’s run through some of the amazing highlights from this year’s program.

Nov 18
Things at Hannon Hill have been hopping, and we decided to slow down for a minute and share some of the fun news and times we’ve had over the past couple months!

Nov 14
The AMA's Symposium for the Marketing of Higher Education is an annual gathering of marketers in the higher ed industry. In this blog post, we detail some of the takeaways from this year's event.

Nov 07
Our professional photographers and friends at 35 Atlanta did a great job capturing this year’s User Conference experience.

Nov 05
We recently announced two new patch releases for our flagship CMS, Cascade Server 7.12.1 and 7.12.2. These latest releases include some new features, as well as some improvements to existing ones.

Oct 31
Reading something and thinking to yourself “Ugh, who wrote that!? Oh wait...I did.”

Oct 28
Fresh from HighEdWeb 2014, Hannon Hill's CEO shares key takeaways from the event.

Oct 21
Tons of tools help digital marketers manage and market content. In this blog post, we share twelve of our favorite tools for curating, marketing, storing and sharing content.

Oct 09
Those of you who attended our 9th annual Cascade Server User Conference back in September already know about a new resource that we released to the community: the Cascade Server Exchange. It’s a place where our customers can find tutorials, videos, and a plethora of downloadable code and sites.

Sep 30
A few weeks ago, University of Richmond rolled out its new main website, http://www.richmond.edu, powered by Cascade Server. Take a look!

Sep 23
While content strategy is arguably the hottest term in the marketing and communications arena right now, there’s another topic that’s gaining an increased amount of traction, particularly in larger, more decentralized organizations such as colleges and universities: web governance.

Sep 17
Record attendance, more sessions than ever, widget challenge, and more. Find out what the 2014 Cascade Server User Conference was all about.

Sep 12
After a few months in our new office here at the Atlanta Tech Village, it is safe to say we are digging our new digs! The other day, I was able to take advantage of one of those perks and attend one of the village workshop events which focused on Google Analytics.

Sep 09
Sponsor Post: So what’s the “Triple Crown” or “Triple Threat” in web technology? It’s the combination of versatile content management, powerful ecommerce, and dependable analytics that produces “runs”…I mean, “sales."

Sep 01
How can you make the latest trends among college students work for you?

Aug 28
Key takeaways from "Writing for the Web" workshops at this year's PSEWeb conference.

Aug 22
The 2014 Cascade Server User Conference is right around the corner! September 14th will be here before we know it, and I wanted to have a short post to remind those interested in attending, that registration closes August 29th!

Aug 19
Excited about this year's Cassies Awards? Here are the details of the Monday night social event...

Aug 14
In order to deliver the best possible user experience, you strive to serve up content that is relevant to different segments of your target audience. Here's how you can accomplish it.

Aug 12
We are back again discussing hashtag marketing, this time we are talking about research.

Aug 07
Cascade Server 7.12 focused primarily on reporting and content authoring. We highlighted the Broken Link Report in our last post. Let's dig into a few other reporting and authoring improvements.

Aug 05
Hannon Hill proudly introduces you to Cascade Server 7.12, the latest installment of our flagship CMS!

Aug 05
Higher education has become more competitive than ever, so knowing how your college or university can stand out in search marketing is key. In such a saturated market it’s important to focus on your Unique Selling Proposition (USP).

Jul 31
The 2014 Cascade Server User Conference registration deadline is fast approaching, and we wanted to remind you about all the great benefits that come with your attendance.

Jul 23
We are staying busy over here at Hannon Hill and that includes attending more industry conferences in the next month! We’ll be traveling to Toronto, ON to attend the PSEWEB Canada conference this weekend (July 28th-29th) and can’t wait to see our international clients and future clients a like.

Jul 21
As part of a redesign project, Washburn University rolled out a new main site (www.washburn.edu, May 2012), a law school site (www.washburnlaw.edu, May 2013) and Washburn Tech (http://www.washburntech.edu/, May 2014).

Jul 18
The 2014 Cascade Server User Conference is right around the corner. This means it’s time to check out our finalists for the ever-popular Cassies awards and cast your votes!

Jul 16
Colleges and universities looking to bridge the social media gap between them and their students are increasingly exploring hashtag marketing. Hashtags are a great way to market to both current and prospective students as well as to alumni. Hashtag marketing strategies are something worth looking into in order to properly market your campaigns and to drive engagement with your target audience through the effective use of hashtags.

Jul 09
Of all the conferences we go to, eduWeb is the only one I’ve been to for three years straight--and with good reason! There are just so many wonderful higher education professionals who speak and attend, and the conference organizers do a fantastic job curating speakers from the higher ed community.

Jul 07
A couple weeks back, I traveled to Florence, South Carolina for one of the intimate HighEdWeb Regional conferences. Despite the fact that we’ve been attending, speaking, and sponsoring these for three years, this was personally my first HighEdWeb regional conference!

Jul 02
As you may have heard, we moved our headquarters into the Atlanta Tech Village in the heart of Buckhead, Atlanta’s prime business location. While we tremendously cherished our previous Midtown office, being part of ATV was too good of an opportunity to pass up. We love being part of the vibrant tech community and to reunite with some of our old friends like SalesLoft and Rigor. Here are some of the things we’ve been enjoying the most about being at ATV.

Jun 30
I was that person at the sports bar that you laughed at because they didn’t realize that the game clock goes up instead of down. I’m still a little bit confused about off sides and I simply can’t comprehend how a tie is ever acceptable. But the one thing I completely, 100% understand about soccer is the goals.

Jun 27
In this one-hour webinar, 5 Ways To Improve Your Higher Ed Website With Google Analytics, Becky will take attendees through a deeper look at how Google Analytics can help improve their website and where to start!

Jun 25
I am extremely excited to share a partial speaker lineup for our 2014 Cascade Server User Conference and launch an entirely new site for the conference. Check it out!

Jun 19
On Wednesday, we hosted our third webinar in our Summer Thought Leadership webinar series. Our guest speaker was Ron Bronson, the Director of Web Strategy at the Kentucky Community & Technical College System, a frequent speaker at higher education and web conferences, and one of the main authors of the Higher Ed Solo blog.

Jun 18
Whether you just got trained on Cascade Server, just rolled out a new site, just set up some crazy innovative integration, or just wrapped up an amazing web campaign, I can pretty much guarantee that there’s some award category that applies to your work with Cascade Server. In fact, this year, we add two brand new categories that I am personally very excited about!

Jun 13
We're getting ready to open nominations. What categories would you like to see?

Jun 10
Keeping up with the quality of your site’s internal and external links is no easy undertaking, but it’s one that can’t be avoided entirely if you want to establish the best site possible to represent your organization.

Jun 04
Join us for the next installment of our thought leadership webinar series featuring Ron Bronson, a man who wears many hats as the Web Strategy Director at Kentucky Community and Technical College System as well as frequent conference speaker, blogger, and consultant.

Jun 02
Last month, we officially opened registration for the 2014 Cascade Server User Conference!

May 26
What better way to further expand your organization’s content marketing efforts than by attending this year’s leading conference--Confab for NonProfits, and have your ticket costs covered by us!

May 20
Last week, we held the second webinar in our Summer Thought Leadership series on the topic of Recruitment Marketing. Kyle James of nuCloud and .eduGuru fame shared his expertise on content marketing and making those ever important conversions on your website.

May 16
As makers of Cascade Server CMS, we recognize the importance behind not only managing your content well but also strategically promoting that content to your audience in order to increase awareness, engagement and loyalty--three must-haves in the world of nonprofits.

May 13
Now through May 28th, you can submit your proposal to be considered as a speaker for the 2014 Cascade Server User Conference.

May 07
Yes, it's that time of year! Find out everything you need to know about this year's User Conference--including how to sign up!

May 05
During the month of May, Hannon Hill will be traveling to even more industry conferences. The first conference is Confab Central, taking place May 7th through May 9th in Minneapolis, MN at the Hyatt Regency.

Apr 30
Our guest webinar with Ahava Liebtag last month was such a success that we’ve decided to turn it into a whole guest webinar series. All summer long, we’ll bring you the brightest and best thought leaders from higher education, marketing and web!

Apr 28
Today in marketing the approach has shifted. There was a time when promoting your college for enrollment meant selling just the school itself and it's reputation, degree programs, etc.

Apr 23
Content audits accomplish many things that directly improve a content migration. Performing a content audit helps an organization decide which content is actually worth migrating into the new system.

Apr 21
The month of April has us attending the first industry conferences of the 2014 year.

Apr 17
Last week, we kicked off our third year of involvement with the HighEdWeb Regional conferences with their first event of the year in Pittsburgh, PA!

Apr 09
It’s likely that the Marketing/Branding departments on most campuses are charged with sending out email campaigns covering topics ranging anywhere from updates from the President all the way down to reminders of upcoming on-campus events.

Apr 07
It’s no surprise that good experiences grab customers and bad experiences push them away. And in today’s technology-driven age of information sharing, bad experiences can be shared faster than ever before.

Mar 31
The design of your organization’s site involves many aesthetic aspects for capturing a visitor’s eye. One popular marketing tactic found on most company sites are callouts.

Mar 26
Cascade Server 7.4 offers two new tools to help users organize content. In this blog post, we highlight both and explain how to use them.

Mar 24
Last May, I was fortunate to be able to attend a fabulous content strategy conference called Confab in Minneapolis, MN. They had an incredible lineup of speakers, wonderful networking opportunities and so many sessions that I wish I had brought the whole team with me to soak up all the content marketing goodness.

Mar 19
Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District (GCCCD) has been using Cascade Server as their CMS of choice since 2010, after switching over from SharePoint. While many of our customers roll out their external websites first, GCCCD decided to integrate their intranet into the district web site with Cascade Server immediately, before tackling the two college sites.

Mar 17
In one of our previous blog posts, I pointed out several examples that show just how much Hannon Hill embraces a content marketing culture.

Mar 12
Earlier this year, UB Tech recognized Cascade Server in its annual University Business Readers’ Choice Top Products awards, placing our CMS as one of the most innovative products in higher education. We are honored that University Business readers voted for Cascade Server as their favorite web content management system.

Mar 10
Whether you’re a Webmaster, Content Manager, or Director of Communications, you’re clearly invested in the success of your website and your marketing strategy.

Mar 05
Providing fresh, quality web content is absolutely crucial for maintaining and improving your search engine rankings these days. So, then, what exactly defines “fresh, quality content”?

Mar 03
Performing a content audit must be considered one of the key components of a successful content. After all, you don’t just want to add new content to your sites without having a deep understanding of your existing content.

Feb 26
Continuing with our ongoing commitment to improve the Cascade Server user interface (UI), Cascade Server 7.10 aims to further improve the mobile browsing experience as well as make a number of areas within the application more intuitive and easier to use.

Feb 24
New in Cascade 7.10 is your ticket to easy street.

Feb 19
Hannon Hill proudly introduces you to Cascade Server 7.10, the latest installment of our flagship CMS!

Feb 17
We asked our clients and other followers in the content management system industry to give us their best #cmspickuplines, here’s what we got. Enjoy!

Feb 12
February. Yes, it’s really already February. And with that comes the holiday of love or of consumerism, depending on your opinion of stuffed animals and chocolate sales.

Feb 10
Our Cascade Server user community, which manages over a hundred thousand sites, plays a key role in our product roadmap. In fact, our customers’ ideas and suggestions are discussed in every single sprint planning session (and we have a lot of them, as our release schedule is quite aggressive).

Feb 05
Purchasing a content management system for your organization is no small undertaking. There are a lot of people who will be impacted by the purchase, there’s a lot of research to do in the selection process, and you’ll need to plan and execute the implementation, not to mention the actual cost of the acquisition

Feb 03
When it comes to agile marketing, the ability to measure the success of your efforts is crucial. You can only manage what you measure, and without data, there’s no way for you to tell what works and what doesn’t.

Jan 29
Video marketing continues to explode as a top choice for engagement when it comes to marketing to students in the world of higher education. Videos though CAN’T be mediocre if you want them to capture the attention of potential students, current students and alumni.

Jan 27
Providing fresh, quality web content is absolutely crucial for maintaining and improving your search engine rankings these days. So, then, what exactly defines “fresh, quality content”?

Jan 22
If you work on a college campus then you know it’s a unique experience. There is always, and I mean always, something to see. It’s either going to be homecoming week one month or the career fair the next. Some days it’s a protest of some kind and other days it’s an adventure just to find a parking spot. No matter what day it is, you can rest assure it won’t be boring and it definitely won’t be like the day prior. So with that being the case, why is it when it comes to marketing and promotion we can sometimes forget or even overlook the multitude of inspiration on a given campus when it comes to creating new content or collateral for higher education?

Jan 20
I recently had the pleasure of catching up with David Shipley from the University of New Brunswick. David and his colleague Travis Thomas presented on the implementation of their new responsive website at our Cascade Server User Conference back in September.

Jan 15
Last fall, we had the pleasure of attending ConfabEDU, which was one of the most inspiring conferences I’ve attended in the last few years. The quality of the speakers and the smoothness of the event were top-notch, but most importantly, being surrounded by people who were so passionate about creating high caliber content was a real treat.

Jan 13
Pinterest is one of the biggest and fastest growing social networking channels in social media. With click through and sales conversion rates surpassing those on Twitter or Facebook, Pinterest has evolved into an increasingly popular channel for both businesses and personal use.

Jan 08
The New Year is a time for reflection as well as a time to plan improvements for the upcoming year. If you need some ideas, here are some suggestions for New Year’s resolutions relating to your use of Cascade Server this year.

Jan 06
College campuses face a lot of decentralization when it comes to branding to their target audiences. Various schools on campus all serving the same student population and alumni but in varying ways.

Jan 01
Nonprofit organizations… they’re a unique bunch. Just as in most industries, the world of nonprofits comes with its own unique set of needs and demands, and these are a critical part of the CMS evaluation process--especially if you want the implementation of a new system to be successful.

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