What’s NEW in Cascade 8?

By Laura Rives — Tuesday, September 27th, 2016 at 11:00am
what's new in cascade 8
 Cascade 8 is Hannon Hill’s largest upgrade to Cascade CMS to date.  We are very thrilled with the updates we have made to the system, and are excited to share them with you.  Below are a few of the changes.

Modern user interface

Built with the end user in mind, the new interface has a radically different look and feel with bold colors, bigger fonts, and fresh icons. It also features more real estate for content editing and includes an updated WYSIWYG editor. Additionally, help text and in-product cues are included to help infrequent users get reaquainted with the application.


modern user interface


Availability across devices

Cascade 8’s responsive design allows you to access, update, and publish content from any device at any time for quick and easy on-the-go changes. The image below shows an example “Reports” page from an iPhone 6.


availability across devices


Hidden advanced functionality

We simplified controls, hid advanced functionality behind menus and shortcuts, and focused on the core functions that matter most to end-users. This will allow your users to spend more time creating, editing, and publishing content. Updates to the content submission process are streamlined so that users can spend more time on the quality of their content versus how it is put together.


hidden advanced functionality


Lightning speed

Single-page experiences like partial screen refreshes and modals make the application faster than ever.  Most editing and content creation takes place on one screen which shortens the time navigating from page to page.

Client tested and approved

We are always working closely with our clients to get feedback on the interface and functionality to make sure we get it right. While developing Cascade 8, we held feedback sessions with our Product Opinion providers, conducted Q&A webinars, and even sat down with end users to observe how they use the system.  

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