What's NEW on The Cascade Exchange

By Graham Lewis — Wednesday, November 30th, 2016 at 10:00am
What's NEW on the Cascade Exchange


At Hannon Hill, we are extremely proud to say that our product roadmap is driven by the feedback that we receive from YOU—our amazing user community.

And we’ve been busy!

In addition to recently releasing Cascade 8.1, we’ve invested a lot of time improving the Cascade Exchange. If you’re not currently taking advantage of the Cascade Exchange, now is the perfect time to learn more. And if you’ve checked it out before—or even downloaded a module—we encourage you to take another look and explore the improvements we’ve made.

What is the Cascade Exchange?

The Cascade Exchange is a collection of example sites, code and other resources to help in the creation and management of content within Cascade CMS. The idea is to have the Cascade Exchange contain both Client and Hannon Hill contributed examples. We are constantly reviewing the examples within the the Exchange to make sure they are current and are utilizing the latest Cascade CMS technology.

How it Works

Downloading resources from the Exchange is simple. Resources within the Exchange link out to a Github File Repository.

Resources typically come a few different ways:

  • Cascade Site File (.csse) - These can be imported into your Cascade CMS instance and then modified to fit your look and feel.
  • Example Code - Velocity and/or XSLT formats, Data Definitions and any other scripts that might be needed.

Example Resources

To highlight a few of our more popular resources, let's look at a few examples that the Exchange has to offer:

Faculty/Staff Directory

The Faculty Directory Site makes it easy to get started managing online profiles for campus staff. Customizable fields make it easy to manage each profile and eliminate the need to edit XHTML markup.

The Landing Page automatically populates a directory table that is sortable by department and each Profile Page includes a biography, headshot, contact information, and more. Editable fields can be customized through the Data Definition and the entire example is built on Bootstrap to display responsively as well.

Faculty / Staff Directory

Course Catalog

Cascade CMS can manage your online Course Catalog.

The example Course Catalog contains:

  • Catalog Landing Page, Program Landing Page, Major and Minor Pages, and Course Page.
  • Automatic PDF documents for entire catalog and individual Programs.
  • JavaScript based search.
  • Asset Factories for new Subjects, Courses and Interior Pages.

Academic Catalog

It also contains a sample XML integration with Banner by Ellucian.

Emergency Alert Banner

Campus Safety is absolutely critical and the ability to get a message across all of your webpages quickly is very important. We developed this code to help our users get important messages out as quickly as possible either from within Cascade CMS or via an already used Alert System.

Emergency Alert Banner

Submitting Your Resource

Do you have something you’ve created that you think others would find useful? We are always looking for fresh and new things to add to the Exchange. 

We’re Here to Help

Need help with the implementation? Have no fear! We have a Professional Services team that is more than happy to help you in any way you need! Drop us a line at info@hannonhill.com to start a discussion.

Visit the Cascade Exchange Today!

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