10 Must-Hear Podcast Episodes for Marketers in Higher Ed

By Patrice Meadows — Tuesday, June 13th, 2017 at 11:00am


Podcast listening is an American pastime that’s grown in popularity since 2013. According to a report published by Edison Research, weekly podcast listening will hit 42 million by the end of 2017. Join the trend by trying one of these great podcasts on marketing and business growth. This collection of episodes features thought leaders discussing trends and offering practical advice to help you be a better marketer. 

Marketing Book Podcast

Length: 37:07

What you learn:

  • How to create a fully integrated distribution strategy that drives leads
  • Which paid distribution channels drive the most traffic to sites
  • How long it takes native advertising to pay off
  • Why content promotion trumps quality content

Follow: @chadpollitt

Website: www.chadpollitt.com

Need to know more about content distribution? Download Chad Pollitt’s free eBook on native advertising.


Marketing Companion Podcast

Length:  37:06

What you learn:

  • How to overcome ad-blockers
  • Whether print is making a comeback

Follow: @markwschaefer

Website: www.businessesgrow.com


Entrepreneur on Fire

Length: 35:49

What you learn:

  • How to connect with freelance journalists to super-charge content creation
  • How to tap into audience feedback to make content more useful

Follow: @shanesnow

Website: www.shanesnow.com


Marketing for Owners

Length: 40:19

What you learn:

  • The 12 principles of killer content creation
  • How to use data to find subjects your readers want to hear
  • How to cover the same topics without seeming redundant
Follow: @nadyakhoja

Website: www.venngage.com


Link Humans

Length: 35:27

What you learn:

  • How to create content that gets shares and links
  • How to make a strategic content plan

Follow: @steverayson

Website: www.buzzsumo.com

Want to know more about developing a winning content strategy? Read 5 Steps to Building a Successful Content Strategy.



Length: 1:05:00

What you learn:

  • How to get published on your favorite site
  • How to connect with thought leaders
  • Systematic process for creating content that isn’t commoditized
  • How to provide value that others recognize and reward

Follow: @iconiContent  

Website: www.iconicontent.com


Marketing Smarts

Podcast Title: Marketing Smarts

Length: 28:56

What you learn:

  • Why innovation is so important--especially in social media
  • How to select social channels based on your audience and goals
  • Why measuring engagement goes beyond ‘retweets’ and ‘shares’

Follow: @mstonervt

Website: www.mStoner.com

In Higher Education? Check out this webinar on customer experience, lead by a software architecture strategist with mStoner.  


Recruiting Future      

Length: 18:17

What you learn:

  • How to select the right social channel for your brand
  • What to do offline to complement online social media campaigns

Follow: @andyheadworth

Website: www.sironaconsulting.com


Entrepreneur Thought Leaders        

Length: 59:21

What you learn:

  • Replicate high performing teams, tactics or campaigns
  • Withstand growing pains without losing sight of goals

Follow: @work_matters  

Website: www.bobsutton.typepad.com


Why I Social

Length: 24:56

What you learn:

  • What podcasters can learn from conventional radio
  • How to leverage social phenoms to boost your brand
  • Creative ways to curate content and drive awareness

Follow: @CBarrows

Website: www.whyisocial.com

Keeping up with all the reports, industry studies, and emerging trends in marketing can be difficult. These and other podcasts help by doing the hard work for you. They pull in thought leaders to review technology, share case studies and help you figure out what is coming next. Listen to these broadcasts for the information, insights, and entertainment you need to stay up on marketing.

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