10 Tools to Take Your Digital Marketing Programs to the Next Level

By Patrice Meadows — Thursday, August 3rd, 2017 at 11:00am

Bring your digital marketing strategy to life with these programs. Depending on the size of your organization and/or scope of your campaign, you can leverage one—or several—of these tools to reach your digital marketing goals. Read on for general information about each application and suggestions for how to incorporate them into your tech stack.

Mainstays like Google’s arsenal of digital solutions (some listed below), Facebook Page and Audience Insights, TweetDeck, and HootSuite are powerful tools solutions you can use for absolutely nothing.

Google Tools:

If you aren’t already using them, try them. Now that we have that out of the way, here are 10 tools to make marketing easier.

Content Creation

  1. Qzzr: Quiz Builder

Interactive content (quizzes, games, puzzles, etc.) is quickly becoming the preferred way to engage audiences. Interactive content outperforms passive content in many ways, it generates more conversions, engagement, and traffic. Use Qzzr to build custom quizzes for your brand.

  1. Wistia: Video Hosting & Analytics

As video continues to dominate digital marketing, companies need storage options that help them easily access and update their video libraries. Wistia’s tool combines storage and analytics so users can know how site visitors interact with their content. The free version supports 3 videos and includes lead generation forms, integration with other tools and embedded sharing.  

  1. Wideo: Video Creation

If your company isn’t using video, it is time to start. Wideo can help you get started with easy-to-use tools that make animation and video editing easy. The free trial only lasts a week, so it’s best to prepare concepts ahead of time so you get the most out of the trial version.

  1. Hemingway Editor: Copy Editing

Writing isn’t as easy as it seems. Creating clean copy readers can understand is sometimes difficult, especially when dealing with complex topics. The Hemingway Editor helps by highlighting grammatical errors, wordy sentences, and passive voice.

Content Distribution

  1. Guestpost: Content Distribution

Connecting with influencers can be difficult, but the rewards are huge; your brand gets much-needed exposure, your site may see a spike in traffic, and you stand to gain some followers on social media. Guestpost makes finding and connecting with influencers easy and offers help with getting your content placed on other blogs. The free version of this tool automates story pitching, which is helpful, but not the full value out of the tool.  

  1. SimplyMeasured: Social Media Tracking

If you need help tracking social media activity, Simply Measured is your tool. Use Simply Measured for social listening and analytics, content performance tracking and conversion. SimplyMeasured’s free tool analyzes your brand’s social media activity, so you can learn more about your audience, detect trends, and measure engagement.

  1. SharedCount: Content Distribution Measurement

Like SimplyMeasured, SharedCount, helps you track how your content moves across the web. All you have to do is paste a URL into their search bar to determine how and where your content is being shared. This information can help you understand how your content performs on different channels so you can refine your distribution strategy to match. The free version limits the number of URLs you can track per day, but for $40/month you can track as many as 200,000 URLs per day.

  1. Bit.ly: Link Tracker

If you haven’t heard of Bit.ly, it’s the tool that makes long URLs short. This is insanely useful. With Bit.ly, you can customize and track links you share on blogs, social media, and emails. Bit.ly reports clicks, referral sources and audience location.The free version limits the number of links you customize monthly, but the totals are pretty generous (10,000 for shortened links and 500 for branded links). You can use this with other tracking tools to determine what content resonates with your audience.

Lead Generation

  1. Snip.ly: Content Curation

Maintaining engagement is critical for any organization, especially when using valuable content to attract quality prospects. Snip.ly helps you make the most of your content distribution tactics by adding custom calls-to-action (CTA) to every piece. These custom CTAs helps you keep users engaged while capturing basic information about your audience. This tool includes a dashboard that tracks the performance of each form and provides insights about your audience.

  1. Rapportive: Social Selling

Using social media to enhances sales activity is leads to better quality leads, more opportunities and conversions according to a study by LinkedIn. Rapportive makes this easy by connecting LinkedIn profiles to Gmail accounts, so sales teams can create more personalized messages. Representatives can establish rapport by mentioning shared interests or connections.

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