5 Ways AI is Transforming Digital Marketing

By Patrice Meadows — Thursday, June 15th, 2017 at 11:00am
Features title: 5 Ways AI is transforming digital marketing

Artificial intelligence (AI) is behind many of the applications that help people better predict outcomes, find buyers, or retain customers. In every instance, AI helps people achieve more.

Before we get into what AI can do for your digital marketing efforts, let’s discuss what it is.
AI is a branch of Computer Science that simulates human intelligence in computers. Much of what we associate with AI is driven by a collection of algorithms and techniques within the AI discipline.

Machine Learning is a subset of AI that is gaining traction thanks to investment from some of the 
juggernauts in tech. Deep Learning is a method of reasoning within Machine Learning that uses networks of algorithms to mimic human intelligence. Deep Learning automates complex processes to help people achieve better outcomes.

AI helps marketers target high-value prospects, drive conversions, and sales. Here are five ways to leverage AI to transform your digital marketing campaigns:

1. Turn big data into action

Predictive analytics and propensity modeling help marketers execute more effective campaigns. Say you wanted to increase sales by 40% this quarter, with AI, it’s possible. In fact, this is what Google DoubleClick’s new planning and bid manager feature do. Marketers start be defining target audiences and campaign objectives, then the tool recommends different strategies to achieve their goals. Marketers select the desired strategy, upload creative, and launch. It’s that simple, so says Google’s Roshan Khan, Senior Product Manager for Google DoubleClick.

2. Use Chatbots to give customers the speed and service they command

The first wave of chatbots was deployed in 2016, consumers responded favorably and prompted other organizations to follow suit. A survey of 1000 consumers revealed that 49% of respondents prefer conducting customer service interactions via text, chat, or messaging app over customer service agents. Millennials’ prefer chatbots more (54%) than any subgroup, indicating that businesses must consider these and other AI tools for the long-term.

3. Create personalized digital experiences that drive engagement and sales

Google’s Audience Solutions can help marketers deliver personal experiences with the power of deep learning. Google tracks users across several digital properties and combines it with other data to identify key sales opportunities. This is billed as a tool to facilitate customized experiences that increase marketing efficiency. Personalization is extremely effective at driving conversions, engagement and sales. With tools like these, marketers can create individual marketing messages at scale. If you’re particularly interested in personalization, check out this blog on why it is so effective.

4. Use historical data to power a predictive customer service program

It costs anywhere from 5 to 25 times more to acquire new customers than it does to keep existing ones. Deep learning can help companies retain more customers more efficiently by systematically tracking and analyzing consumers’ digital behavior and communication patterns. 

  • Text analysis: Newer versions of this powerful software can not only decode the content but also determine sentiment and infer meaning.
  • Attrition prevention: Compare new customer attributes and actions with that of past customers to better spot attrition risks sooner. Then act, using key metrics that help you determine which customers warrant the extra effort and investment.

5. Deploy biometric authentication processes to make users feel better about sharing information

The power AI has to change the world depends on the aggregation and analysis of data. The more companies can do to secure, protect and responsibly use data, the better. Biometric authentication, the use of biological data to gain access to information, is the latest wave in digital security and uses unique identifiers like fingerprints or irises to protect users from forgotten, stolen, or otherwise compromised passwords.

As the technology continues to evolve, so will marketing. To keep up, track consumer response and determine how best to apply it.

How has AI worked for you? Share your responses below or follow us on social media @hannon_hill, #AIforAll.

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