7 Ways Content Creation is Easier with Cascade CMS

By Patrice Meadows — Wednesday, September 6th, 2017 at 11:00am

Content creation is a must for digital communication. Systems that make content creation easy help teams focus on developing and sharing stories audiences want to hear; instead of how to get content onto websites.

The better Content Management Systems (CMS) are at helping content contributors keep sites filled with fresh, useful, and entertaining information, the better sites will be.

Cascade CMS make content generation simple with features specifically for non-technical users. The streamlined design, introduced in Cascade 8, focuses attention on critical site functions contributors often use like adding content, reviewing owned content, and fixing broken links. Below are seven ways that content creation is easier with Cascade CMS.

7 Ways Cascade CMS makes content generation easier:

  1. WYSIWYG Editor: WYSIWYG stands for what you see is what you get and it references the text editing field that shows contributors how their content displays on screen. This helps contributors feel more comfortable setting up blog posts, landing pages and other common site elements on their own. The simple editor also reduces the likelihood that contributors will make changes to site HTML that can have serious consequences.
  2. Simple UI and Customizable Dashboard: The release of Cascade CMS 8 included a totally new design that prioritizes simplicity, organization, and functionality. These changes help non-technical users engage with the system. The customization option allows individual users only view information that matters to them, rather than the deluge of data available in the system.
  1. Simple Drag and Drop Functionality: Allowing users to select items to click, drag and drop into site elements makes uploading content quick and easy. Many users are already familiar with drag and drop functionality so including it makes Cascade CMS that much more user-friendly.
  1. Review Options: Cascade CMS helps users keep content fresh by allowing them to schedule review dates based on their needs. Users can opt to review site content on a predetermined schedule or by selecting a specific date they want to revisit information.
  1. Automatic Spell Check: The speed of content production can lead to typos that, left unchecked, will make its way to your site. Small errors like these can add up and ultimately muddy content and embarrass contributors. Automatic Spell Check helps contributors spot issues before publishing content so everything is clear, correct, and just as your contributor intended.
  1. Automatic Accessibility Checks: Making web content more accessible is especially important as more kinds of content makes its way online. Cascade CMS helps contributors ensure that all content is accessible by checking it for compliance with section 508 of the Workforce Rehabilitation Act of 1978 and Web Accessibility Initiative standards.
  1. Content Performance Tracking: Content Health Alerts, a feature that highlights high performing content, were introduced in Cascade CMS 8.5. Contributors can use Content Health Alerts to get a feel for the types of content that resonates with their audience. From there, they can brainstorm new ways to mimic high-performing content or redistribute it to extend its value.

How does Cascade CMS help you and your team keep sites filled with content? Leave your comments below or tweet us @hannon_hill

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