Cascade CMS Chronicles: Update Spotlight for Cascade CMS 8.5

By Bradley Wagner — Wednesday, August 2nd, 2017 at 11:00am

We’re committed to finding new ways to make content creation and publishing easier with Cascade CMS. The release of Cascade CMS 8.5 marks the addition of new features that help eliminate bottlenecks and improve efficiency. Now that we understand the value this version brings to users, let’s explore how Cascade CMS 8.5 facilitates collaboration and efficiency.


Add Participants to Tasks:

Cascade CMS  8.5 allows users to add participants to tasks to increase accountability and engagement. All users have to do is create a task and @mention relevant users in task comments.  Another option is to manually add task participants to tasks by clicking ‘choose users’ and selecting them from the database. Assigned users receive notifications for each task they are assigned including assignment priority levels, due date, and any related asset.

How to get there:

  1. From the ‘Tasks’ menu click ‘New Task’
  2. In the ‘Create a Task’ menu, enter the following information about your task
    1. Name: the name of the task
    2. Description: short, text-only description of or instructions for the task
    3. Assigned User(s): delegate the task to the applicable user or assign yourself the new task
    4. Priority: label the task as ‘Low’, ‘Normal’, or ‘High’ priority for sorting purposes
    5. Due Date: select the date by which the task must be completed
    6. Related Asset- select the asset associated with the task
  3. Click ‘Create’

Learn more about Tasks and Task participants on our Knowledge Base.

Workflow Definition Viewer:

The new Workflow Definition Viewer helps administrators and other leaders better manage system workflows by visually illustrating how content or tasks will move through a process. Users can see where there are opportunities for improvements and proactively limit or eliminate bottlenecks before they happen.


Recurring Review Dates for Assets:

Keep your content fresh by setting recurring review dates for site contents. The system will automatically remind you, or other content owners, when it is time to revisit site information to determine whether it is still accurate, relevant, or appealing to your audience. Contributors can choose to update content to reflect new information or remove it from the published version of the site.

How to get there:

  1. Go to the selected asset
  2. Click ‘More’ on the top right side of the display
  3. Select ‘Schedule Review’
  4. Select the desired review frequency from the list or choose a specific date using the Calendar function
  5. Click ‘Review on Schedule’

Learn more about Content Reviews on our Knowledge Base.

Content Health Alerts:

Help content contributors focus their time and attention on improving high-performing content with this new feature. Content health alerts notify users of pages with the most broken links and page views so they can spend their time fixing links that will have the largest impact on their site.

Add Help Text to Metadata Fields:

Help your users understand what metadata fields are used for by adding custom ‘Help Text’ on Metadata fields. This is the same great functionality we have for Structured Data fields, now applied to Metadata fields in Metadata Sets

We are so excited to share these, and other, improvements with customers. We cannot wait to see how it helps them achieve more with Cascade CMS.

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