#CUC17 Session Spotlight: Create Once, Publish Everywhere

By Laura Rives — Tuesday, September 19th, 2017 at 11:00am


As the name Create Once, Publish Everywhere indicates, the goal is to eliminate duplicate content and instead, have an infrastructure in place that allows you to manage a single piece of content in one place and publish it to as many different platforms in as many different formats as you need to.

At this year’s Cascade User Conference, presenters will share how their organizations use Cascade CMS to both easily share content across multiple pages and multiple sites and push content to other platforms, databases, applications, and enterprise systems.

Let’s take a look.

COPEing Mechanisms, How to Manage a Mobile App with Cascade CMS

Speaker: Kayla Pierson, Designer & User Experience Specialist, University of Montana

At the University of Montana, we incorporate COPE concepts into our Cascade CMS implementation and web presence. With the launch of our UMontana mobile app, we were able to leverage existing content in Cascade as the source for of much of the app's content. We have also built a way for departments and programs campus-wide to generate new app content within Cascade with minimal involvement from the web team. Through these efforts, we've made content curation much more sustainable cross-platform and found ways to use our limited resources much more efficiently on campus.

We'll discuss using web analytics to set priorities for creating mobile content and using Cascade to deliver existing content by creating XML & JSON files for items like photograph feeds, degree offerings, student clubs, and departmental social media listings as well as our efforts to let department take ownership of specific content in our mobile app.

One Site Template with Dynamic Global Header and Footer

Speaker: Mark Nokes, Applications Administrator - Web, University of Central Oklahoma

At the University of Central Oklahoma, Mark's team needed the ability to produce websites that would contain a dynamic, global header and footer. In addition, the header and footer would need to be:

1) Independently publishable
2) Dynamically included in all pages that use the same site template
3) Have a preview inside Cascade CMS

Mark will describe how he managed to achieve these requirements. He will also discuss how the ability to publish the header and footer to multiple destinations, other than UCO's primary web servers, has allowed their Software Development Group to place web applications within the same theme as their websites.

Excuse Me Sir, is that a Website in Your Hallway or are You Just Happy to See Me?

Speaker: Phillip Coxwell, Multimedia Specialist, AUburn University College of Sciences and Mathematics

Digital Signage can be complicated, frustrating, and expensive for many, but what if there was a way to use the great CMS you already have to manage what appears on your monitors? Could it really be that easy? I will show you how I converted our old outdated system to something new and spiffy that is also easily managed through Cascade CMS, and, in our case cost less than $100 for new equipment.

Make Your Newsroom Dynamic

Speaker: John Walker, Multimedia Specialist, Auburn University

Your news articles should be easy to find for the reader, but posting should also be an easy process for anyone on your team. In this presentation, John will show you how to post articles that include metadata and graphics for social media sites, that can display several pieces of information on several pages without the need to copy & paste, and without the need to update several pages for a simple change. This is ideal for any size team with an emphasis on easy-to-maintain newsroom sites.

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