Customer Appreciation Week: Top Tier Thursday

By Patrice Meadows — Thursday, December 7th, 2017 at 11:00am
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Marketing and admissions teams are always searching for new ways to reach students. They're constantly looking for ways to help site visitors find the information they need to convert.


We reviewed our clients’ websites and found that many teams use visual storytelling and user-generated content to connect with new visitors. In many instances, these elements come in the form of featured videos, vignettes of current students or infographics that convey important information about the college or university.



Cascade client appreciation week spotlight from Albright college

Cascade client appreciation week, spotlight on Hawaii Pacific University.


Cascade client appreciation week, spotlight on Cornell college


Audience Segmentation:

Audience segmentation is also a popular way to organize content and engage users. This approach explicitly organizes site information based on certain criteria. You may already use segmentation in content development via buyer personas, but this takes it a step further by offering an entry-point for visitors that lead them to desired outcomes.

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