Everything That Made AMA Higher Ed Awesome

By Patrice Meadows — Tuesday, November 21st, 2017 at 11:00am
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This year’s #AMAHigherEd was right in our backyard in the heart of Atlanta. Attendees from colleges and universities throughout the US and Canada joined together to learn, share, and inspire one another.

Per usual #AMAHigherEd offered a fantastic lineup of educational sessions, engaging keynotes, and valuable networking opportunities to attendees. Here are a few of the things that made #AMAHigherEd absolutely incredible.

Jaime Casap’s Keynote Address

If you weren’t already worried about how technology will transform the world of work, Google’s Education Evangelist, Jaime Casap, probably gave you something to think about during his keynote address. Not only must marketers determine how to use technology ethically, but also how to help the next generation prepare for the new challenges future developments will bring. Just think; today’s children will look at the iPhone X like many of us look at rotary phones.

Casap did more than challenge our view of technology’s role in our lives, he also helped us understand how Google is responding. As one of the few major players on the world’s stage, Google plays an outsized role in many people’s personal and professional lives. Casap offered key insights into the company’s products and vision for the future.

AMA Annual Marketing Awards

Each year the AMA honors excellence in marketing with awards for teams and individuals. This year we saw outstanding branding and integrated marketing campaigns from Nancy Paton of the University of Buffalo (Marketer of the Year) and teams from the University of Virginia, Virginia Commonwealth University, and West Virginia University. The University of Virginia took top honors this year for building UVA’s brand from the ground up. All of the nominees credited their organizations for providing ample support, creative freedom and funding to make their campaigns come to life. Congratulations to the winners and all the nominees!

Winners of the Marketer of the year awards

Networking Opportunities

In addition to making friends during sessions, over lunch or walking around the hotel, #AMAHigherEd attendees got to know one another during sponsored networking events. This year the AMA introduced small dinners at local restaurants. Conference attendees were invited to take one of ten spots at a local restaurant to dine with other marketing professionals in smaller settings. The new feature was a huge success as spots at all five restaurants went quickly.

What did you enjoy about #AMAHigherEd? Share your favorite moments or lessons learned below or tweet us @hannon_hill.


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