How to Create Compelling Visual Content on a Budget

By Patrice Meadows — Thursday, September 7th, 2017 at 10:50am

Visual content outperforms written content in several ways. The rise of social media and multi-device usage make clickable videos, infographics or pictures more accessible to general audiences than traditional content. To keep consumers locked in with branded content, many organizations focus on the creation and amplification of visual content.

Why visual content?

Those seeking to grab attention, build awareness, or quickly communicate with large audiences use visual content to build and scale connections. Marketers of all kinds turn to visual content because it is simple and effective. Check out some of the statistics below for more information on visual content and how it works in content marketing.

Generating visual content can be difficult without the right tools or resources to support the effort. Luckily there are several tools available to help teams with limited resources maintain vivid portfolios of visual content to keep users entertained, informed, and engaged.

Top resources for creating visual content:

How can visual content work for your brand?

Like many things in marketing, the power visual content has to drive results for your brand largely depends on your customer. Understanding who your customer is, what they care about and how to reach them will greatly influence the type of visual content you develop, the frequency it is used, and the optimal ways to integrate it into your marketing efforts. For instance, many companies have Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, but rarely see the levels of engagement they’d like on each platform. There could be several reasons for the disconnect, some of which correspond to the use visual content. If your company posts regularly and has a considerable following, but receives little engagement, chances are your visual content is not connecting with followers.

To garner engagement, visual content must bring value to consumers--either in the way of information, entertainment, or emotional appeal. The approach you take to achieve this goal depends on your brand, its voice and audience response. Once you determine which method (or combination of methods) is ideal for your company, ask yourself each of the following questions to determine whether your content will bring value and drive engagement.

  1. Does this content fit one or several of the target buyers’ personas or key influencers for my brand? Will it catch the eye of a significant subset of the audience based on what you know about it?
  2. Is the value of the content clearly communicated? Can viewers quickly determine why this content is worth their time?
  3. Am I sharing the content when, where, and how my audience needs to see it? Does this distribution strategy align with my audience’s behavior? Is this where they go to receive information? Is it in the appropriate format to make viewing/sharing simple? Am I sending it at the right time?
  4. Is the information I’m sharing reliable? Does the content come from a reliable source? How will this reflect on my brand?

How does your brand leverage visual content? Share your triumphs in video, gifs, infographics and more in the comment section below. You can also tweet your successes @hannon_hill #VisualContentMarketing

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