Three Lessons From #ConFabEdu

By Patrice Meadows — Thursday, November 16th, 2017 at 11:00am

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The teams that create, distribute and measure the performance of the content on college websites help their organizations connect with visitors. The stories they create gets students excited about higher education and ultimately change lives. At this year’s ConFabEdu conference we discussed how teams can do more by focusing on accessibility, strategy, and personalization.

Forget content, accessibility is king

Accessibility is top of mind for everyone involved with college websites. Finding ways to enable, maintain, and improve web content accessibility is critical for institutions receiving federal funds and important for anyone seeking to provide a positive user experience.

Robin Smail of Penn State University tackled accessibility with an informative breakout session called The Accessible User Experience. In it, she highlighted ways teams can get started with accessibility, how to maintain accountability, and what schools risk with noncompliance. We learned a lot and can’t wait to see how teams across use Robin’s lessons to improve their sites.

Robin Smail teaching at #ConFabEdu

For more tips on content accessibility, download our white paper, Content For All.

Cover image for Hannon Hill's Content For All white paper.

Succeeding with content means focusing on strategy

Several studies have shown that content success is highly correlated with strategy development. Several #ConFabEdu presenters agree and gave attendees a framework for developing content strategies and useful tools to help them get started. Here are a few of our favorite sessions from this year’s line up.

Personalization is the future

Personalization is huge in entertainment, fitness, and technology, so why can’t it also work in higher ed? It can. Marketing and communication teams in higher ed can use personalization to drive traffic, inquiries, applications, enrollments, and donations. Here are a couple of our favorite sessions highlighting how communicators can use personalization.

Content in the Age of Personalization by Matt McFadden of the Up & Up Agency

Converting Student Prospects with Personalized Video from Jonathan Clues

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