Three Tips to Pick the Right MarTech to Achieve Your Marketing Goals

By Patrice Meadows — Thursday, July 6th, 2017 at 11:00am


Nearly 5,000 companies make up today’s crowded marketing technology field—and if the past is any indicator, more tech is coming. While technology can help companies increase the accuracy, efficiency, and speed of work; it can also distract marketers from implementing programs focused on customers. For those of you that can use help striking a balance, here are three tips to help you find the right tech tools to reach your goals.

1. Start with strategy

Consider the goals of your marketing strategy and link each one to the technology you will need to achieve them. Perhaps you want to improve customer satisfaction by resolving issues faster. That may mean using an automated messaging platform. List all the items you could, or would, use to implement your program, then determine which ones have common features. Where there is overlap, eliminate the less useful option. Repeat this process until you've reduced your wish list to a few key resources that will help you achieve your goals.

Why? Because strategy works. Developing a comprehensive strategy tailored to your customers, their needs and your unique ability to meet them will lay the foundation for the kind of tech tools you should purchase. Putting your strategy first helps eliminate the temptation to chase all things new, giving you the time and energy needed to focus on execution.  

2. Do your research

Now that you know which tools are critical for your strategy, research them all. Knowing key market players, products, and performance history can help you further refine your list and stop you from wasting money. Many platform solutions offer features that link related marketing activities. On top of making life easier for practitioners, this approach creates a holistic view of integrated campaign activity so marketers can quickly identify points of failure and optimize accordingly. Try to limit your purchases to resources that maximize value and increase efficiency.    

Why? Because there’s a lot out there. MarTech Today estimates that there are about six different types of marketing software solutions, 40 subcategories and nearly 5,000 brands vying for marketer’s attention [and budgets]. Educating yourself on the different options is not only a good idea, it is critical. The more time and energy you invest in researching various systems, the better your chances of finding the ones that work for you.

3. Think long-term

Chances are, your organization will use marketing technology for years to come. While it may be difficult to predict exactly what you will need moving forward, it’s easy to focus on options that offer flexibility and scalability up front.

Why? Because planning for the future is critical, especially when investing in enterprise software solutions. In fact, this is why cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) options are gaining popularity. SaaS systems give companies the base functionality they need today, with the option to scale up or down.  

For more information on the benefits of cloud-based software, read this blog post comparing cloud and premise-based solutions or download this whitepaper that explains how Cloud works in higher education.   

While every company is different, we’re sure these tips can help guide you to tools that will help you reach your goals. Let us know what else you do when picking software to help you implement your strategy.

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