Winning with Wellness

By Ali Simmons — Tuesday, March 27th, 2018 at 11:00am


At Hannon Hill, we are always searching for new ways to improve ourselves — professionally and personally. From sharing productivity apps to attending conferences, we never miss an opportunity to grow together.

Young woman walking across a tight rope with a young man walking beside her.

We are proud to offer perks like an in-office gym that hosts complimentary fitness classes, lunch-and-learns focused on wellness, and volunteering events that show our employees that we value balance. These benefits make it easy to encourage wellness and help our team share goals and interests outside of work.

Group of men and women posing with shovels and other farming tools in a field.

Currently, we are hosting a step challenge, and everyone is more focused on their health (and getting those steps in) than they were a few weeks ago. People are signing up for races, joining more fitness classes, and trying to fit more walking into their daily routines.

Three young women pose with medals after completing a race.

Small achievements like hitting a step goal or completing a fitness challenge affect an overall feeling of wellness and is similar to how a company’s culture is created. Culture is made up of small improvements and behaviors repeated consistently by everyone around us. Our drive to better ourselves creates our company culture and leaves a lasting impression on anyone that interacts with a Hannon Hiller.

How do you make wellness a priority? Share your tips for staying focused on fitness below or tweet us @hannon_hill.

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